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Scan QR code online online from is a QR scanner to scan QR code from an image or create QR from link or text and scan qr from webcam.
Scan qr is very easy using this online QR scanner.

QR scanner online scan QR codes and not need to install or download anything. Read QR is very easy, you can do it from this web application, scan QR a code online and then you can share the QR code. You must give permission to use the camera.

How to scan a QR code?, To read a QR code, scan a QR and then the content of the QR will appear. Viewing the QR code means that you can see the text that the QR code contains.

Scan a QR from image or photo?, To read a QR code from photo or screenshot, you must press the "QR from image" button and browse the photo or screenshot that contains the QR image.

Create QR code?, create QR is very easy, on top of this site press on "make QR" button, just write the link or text you want, then you will get the QR code online for free. is a web application to scan QR from your mobile phone, read QR from images or create QR codes, all with the camera of your mobile or cell phone and it's free. No installation or downloads required.

You can scan:
- scan WIFI QR
- scan QR of restaurant menus
- scan QR from spotify
- scan iPhone QR
- scan whatsapp QR
- scan games QR
- scan QR of ads
- scan QR of songs
- scan fortnite QR
- scan QR from any website
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How scan QR online
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